NMS is the pioneer in implementing VR into research and training. Our expertise and long lasting focus on adopting latest technologies make NMS the best choice for VR solutions.

Preparation of complex training models and implementation of eye tracking technology


Updates to original training model deployed

January 2019 • Read more Read less

NMS deployed massive update for its training program, including real time customization of the simulation and more training scenarios.


First VR research case study conducted

October 2018 • Read more Read less

NMS conducted its first VR case study, using latest store model and shelf test methodology with over 100 respondents.


Updated VR store with implemented research solutions completed

September 2018 • Read more Read less

Second iteration of NMS store filled with real like products and fully interactive shelf. Also NMS‘s first implementation of Vision tracking solution. Ready for shelf test and layout test.


First commercial training model launched

January 2018 • Read more Read less

Training program for excavation safety training, focused on being as real and immersive as possible – including simulation of pedestrians and cars and the whole model is based on real street in centre of Prague.


First VR model of store deployed

May 2017 • Read more Read less

NNS‘s largest store up to date, 400 m2, filled with interactive products and shopping list update in real time. Ready for shelf test and layout test.


Product line

Training program

Practise makes perfect

Training that feels like real and goes beyond possibilities of traditional solutions.

Starting at € 3.500

product image
Shelf test
Unseen is unsold
product image
Product design test
Good design equals good business
product image
Layout test
Test outside the box

Project design

VR Project design is not rocket science. It works like traditional Research design but cheaper!



NMS has 20 years of experience so we can turn your business goal into research question.

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Do you already have some models or assets you would like to test? Great! You don‘t? No worry, NMS inhouse team of artists and designers is perfect for that. We create the model for you. Frequent consulting with you and your approval is crucial for us.

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Quantitative research, qualitative research and combinations of these two approaches is a breeze for NMS, especially in NMS large studio dedicated to VR research.

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NMS tends to prepare comprehensive yet detailed analysis to suit your needs and answer the research question.

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